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Funding for HopeTree Academy students comes from a variety of sources, and every case is unique. For departments of social services and school systems, a standard rate schedule is available. For parents wishing to privately enroll their child at HopeTree Academy, rates depend on the services required. While privately placed students will be billed at the same rate as publicly placed students with similar needs, HopeTree Academy is able to offer tuition assistance based on family income and/or debt obligations.

HopeTree Family Services provides classroom textbooks, supplies, materials, and field trip expenses for all students at HopeTree Academy.

Day students that attend HopeTree Academy are encouraged to eat breakfast and lunch in the HopeTree Academy dining hall. If the student is eligible for free or reduced meals, or has been receiving them at their previous school, it is possible to transfer this benefit to HopeTree Academy. Contact the Academy for the proper forms.

Contact HopeTree Academy for tuition rates and available assistance.