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Enrollment Process


Step 1 – Complete the Admission Application to HopeTree Academy (click to download)

Step 2 – Collect the following current or most recent documents on the student:

  • I.E.P. and its Addendum (If Exists)
  • Behavior Intervention Plan/Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Eligibility Committee Meeting Minutes (If Exists)
  • Transcript and Report Cards for Grades 5 to the present
  • Standardized and S.O.L. Testing for Grades 5 to the present
  • Psychological Evaluation (If Exists)
  • Psychiatric Evaluation (If Exists)
  • Educational Assessment (If Exists)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate or State Birth Registration Number
  • Discipline Records for Current and Previous School Years
  • Copy of Medicaid Card (If Exists)
  • Physical/Medical Information Records as well as Immunization Records
  • Physical Examination (Done within 1 year)
  • Physical, Occupational, Speech and/or Counseling Report(s)

Step 3 – Mail or deliver all of the above to:

HopeTree Academy
c/o HopeTree Family Services
PO Box 849
Salem, VA 24153

Social Worker: Mark Kelso
(540) 389-5468 Ext. 2290

Step 4 – Once receiving all the documentation, the HopeTree Academy Social Worker will review it for completeness and appropriateness.

Step 5 – A HopeTree Academy Admission Committee Meeting is scheduled involving the following:

  • Youth applying for enrollment
  • Parent/Legal Guardian
  • Professional making application – if not Parent/Legal Guardian
  • HTFS Education Director or designee
  • HopeTree Academy Education Supervisor or Lead Teacher
  • HopeTree Academy Social Worker

Approximately 30-45 minutes prior to the Admission Committee Meeting, the HopeTree Academy Social Worker will coordinate a tour by the applying student of HopeTree Academy and the HopeTree campus.

Step 6 – The HopeTree Academy Admission Committee Meeting is held. If the Admission Committee recommends that the youth is acceptable for enrollment at HopeTree Academy, additional placement documents and agreements will be signed by the student, parent/legal guardian and agency representative after the meeting.

Step 7 – An enrollment date and time is mutually determined by all parties.

Step 8 – Within the first 30-days of enrollment, the new HopeTree Academy student will receive an initial educational assessment by the Academy’s Assessment Coordinator and receive a psychological “risk” assessment by HopeTree Family Service’s Licensed Clinical Social Worker. During or at the conclusion of this 30-day assessment period, HopeTree Academy reserves the right to convene an I.E.P. or I.S.D.P. meeting to review the youths’ appropriateness for placement at our school, and suggest other placements which would be better suited for him/her. HopeTree Academy staff may also hold an I.E.P. or I.S.D.P. meeting to modify or change various educational and/or behavioral goals and strategies needed for the youth.

Throughout the youth’s placement at HopeTree Academy, ongoing communications will take place between HopeTree Academy Staff, HTFS counseling clinicians, parents/legal guardians, LEA and other agency representatives about the youth’s performance.